the busy girl's guide to spending time with God (so you can build the kingdom!)

Our world seems to idolize busyness. I mean, think about it. We work, work, work, with our errands and our chores and our to-dos and our mile high list of things that need to be done.

And then we take a nap.

And then we’re back at it again!

While it’s good to work, work can become a problem when we let it lead us away from God. The worst thing we can ever do is put God on a back burner.

God should be our #1 priority, no matter what.

Even more, we cannot build His kingdom and give Him glory if we don't first connect with Him. How do you expect to take God out into the world if you don't know Him for yourself or choose to spend time with Him?

“Keela, I know that God should be first, but how do I follow Him when I have so much to do? How do I make time for Him when I’m super busy?”

Why, that's a great question that has a great answer if you keep reading.

1.) Set aside 10 minutes a day for God.

This is something that my youth pastor once told me, and I LOVE it. It’s so great for busy days.

  • Every morning, as soon as you wake up, spend 3 minutes reading your Bible and 2 minutes praying.

  • Every night, before you crawl into bed, spend 3 minutes reading your Bible and 2 minutes praying.

That’s 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night. I think you can do that.

2.) On your way to work, thank God for every beautiful thing you see.

There’s something powerful about gratitude. It takes our eyes off of ourselves and the gifts that we have, and it turns our focus to our great Giver.

Perhaps try finding 3 new things to thank God for everyday. Make it a game.

Even if you work from home, you can definitely find things to give thanks for.

3.) Read a Bible app while waiting for something.

I know you wait in lines or at the doctor’s office or for your stupid computer to load. You’re not doing anything else — why not open up the Word?

My favorite is YouVersion, but you find a Bible app that suits you, and DIG IN.

4.) Sing worship songs when doing chores.

Get a speaker or some headphones, crank it, and have a Jesus dance party for one. Or with your whole family.

God is a God of JOY. Be joyful and praise Him, for He is worthy.

5.) Listen to sermons or Christian podcasts while exercising.

Or doing laundry. Or cooking. Or whatever.

I listen to some of these podcasts while driving to work, and it really helps me prepare for the day.

6.) Pray before you start another task.

Ask God to help you with an essay before you start writing that essay. Ask God to help you work as if you're working for Him before you walk into your office. Ask God to help you do laundry with a generous heart.

Attitude is everything, and praying before you start your task will change your attitude to one that gives God glory.

I DARE YOU to try this and see if it changes the way you work.

7.) when talking to a friend or a family member, share something cool that God is doing in your life.

Do it in regular conversation. Do it while you're having lunch with your friends or talking to a family member on the phone.

Share what you learned this morning in your 5 minutes with God ;)

Share something beautiful that you saw when you were driving to work ;)

Share something that God is teaching you.

Share about how God answered one of your prayers.

Share, share, share. I can't tell you how many times I've shared about what God was doing in my life, and just sharing made me more focused on God.

Not to mention, this could be a great opportunity to share your faith with that person.

8.) make time with God a priority!

Let's be honest. You make time to watch TV. You make time to scroll through your phone.

You made time to read this blog post.

If you really want to be with God and to build His kingdom, you WILL make the time. It's all about priorities.

Prioritize God first and above all else.

You can do it, even if you're busy. Jesus had an everyday life and a job and a family, not to mention crazy people who wanted to kill him. Oh, and He literally had the weight of the world on His shoulders. But He still found time to obey God. He set aside time every morning to pray and be with His father, because He knew that He couldn't give to other people unless He first received.

Jesus knew that He couldn't build God's kingdom unless He first prioritized BEING WITH God.

Friend, you cannot build God's kingdom and do all that God wants you to do unless you prioritize time with Him and commit to obeying Him.

I urge you, even beg of you, to make God a priority. I urge you to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him. I urge you to commit to bringing Him glory and building His kingdom.

Jesus' disciples had jobs, too. And you know what they did? They got up and left them to follow Jesus. (I'm not saying to quit your job. I'm telling you to be willing to do whatever God tells you to do.)

Be willing to give up everything, even your time, to follow Jesus.

Lord, i pray for the kingdom-builder reading this. i don't know what's holding her back from chasing you with reckless abandon, but i pray freedom over her. give her the boldness to step out in faith, to make you a priority, and to build the kingdom right where you have placed her. give her a heart that seeks to know you, love you, and serve you. use her for your glory. in Jesus' name, amen.

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