I’m a lover of words.

I love the way they can bring a man to his knees and raise him back up in one simple sentence. I love the way they can stoke a fire into a wild rage and snuff it out with one gentle breath. I love the way they can snag a heart in a fearsome assembly of pain and ignite a melody of giggles in a single line. I love the way the Creator used words to stitch together the beauty of ashes and rain down a storm of roaring love.

I believe in the power of words.

I believe that words are like the character of God, so vast and beautiful that our brains cannot contain all of them. I believe that our lips hold tsunamis and our tongues carry thunder. I believe that words are a gift, and that we need to  graciously give and give and continue to give them freely.

Here are my words, handed to you like a treasure. Here are my words, given to you laced in love. Here are my words, a resounding echo of hope between each syllable.

Are they like honey to your soul, like fine jewelry on your finger?

I pray that they are, and I pray that they bring healing...and many laughs ;)

Let's use our arsenal of words to kick some devil's butt, yeah?