My Heart

Open up your heart
I want to take you deeper
Seek for My heart
I am always near

Look beyond your heart
And find Me here
Look into My heart
And just stay here

Forget the rest
Just me with me, My dear
Dig deeper into My well
It’ll all become clear

For I have never left
I’ve always been here
Dwelling with you
Through every cheer and tear

In the silent moments
I am near
Quiet the heart
Silence the fears

Listen closely
Do you hear me?
I love you, beloved
You are My dear

I want to take you deeper
To the root of My love
I want you to be closer
Closer to My heart

By: Maalie Padro at Heartfull Whispers

God is just a call away. When life gets hazy, because it does, get on your knees and meet with Him for a while. Go to that place where it’s just you and Him and the world fades away. He is always near, always there. Rest in His care, beloved. He’s waiting for you. He wants to take you deeper into His heart where it’ll all become clear, because in His heart the only sound you’ll hear is His heart beating with love for you, the only thing you’ll be able to focus on is Him. He’ll allow you to see things as they are not as you’re making them to be. Seek Him with all your heart and find all that your heart needs in His.

"You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV)

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