Goodbye, Past. Hello, Freedom.

my aching thoughts
pace behind a wall of
half-hearted thank yous,
relishing the moment
when i step from past to present,
from hesitation to freedom.
i blink away the tears, the regrets,
the past mistakes,
turn around,
and walk Home without turning back.

My Heart

Open up your heart
I want to take you deeper
Seek for My heart
I am always near

Look beyond your heart
And find Me here
Look into My heart
And just stay here

Forget the rest
Just me with me, My dear
Dig deeper into My well
It’ll all become clear

For I have never left
I’ve always been here
Dwelling with you
Through every cheer and tear

In the silent moments
I am near
Quiet the heart
Silence the fears

Listen closely
Do you hear me?
I love you, beloved
You are My dear

I want to take you deeper
To the root of My love
I want you to be closer
Closer to My heart

By: Maalie Padro at Heartfull Whispers

God is just a call away. When life gets hazy, because it does, get on your knees and meet with Him for a while. Go to that place where it’s just you and Him and the world fades away. He is always near, always there. Rest in His care, beloved. He’s waiting for you. He wants to take you deeper into His heart where it’ll all become clear, because in His heart the only sound you’ll hear is His heart beating with love for you, the only thing you’ll be able to focus on is Him. He’ll allow you to see things as they are not as you’re making them to be. Seek Him with all your heart and find all that your heart needs in His.

"You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13 NIV)


bleed my lungs with a fishhook,
and catch my thoughts in your
shaking, calloused fingers.
puncture me, and i will keep
pouring out
with thunder in my soul.

Prayer For Rainy Days

your glory falls from Heaven like drops of rain from a storm cloud. i am soaked to the bone, the water whittling away at my pride. there is joy etched into my smile like a hieroglyph on a stone wall, yet i find my legs running for cover. my heart pounds in rhythm with my feet as tears mix in with the rain. i’m scared. scared of losing control, terrified of the truth that you are greater than me. yet there is freedom in running in the rain, letting go with childlike faith. so this is my rainy day prayer: that you reign in me all the time.

The Grand Play

frivolous scenes tie
in strips of memorized
until we forget our lines and
a faith not meant for us to

Oceanic Love

Gosh, your mind is like an ocean,

A sea of words and thoughts,

Feelings and dreams,

Hopes and fears;

Creatures swimming in your depths,

Unknown to all but you.


I want to dive in,

Explore your mind,

Find the mysteries in your soul.

Even if it means I drown

In the cool waters

Flowing beneath the hidden treasure

Buried in layers of self-control.

The Beautiful Becoming

Born [Intro poem] 

For the longest of time
I had my eyes closed
All I saw was darkness
Until I was birth out into the open
Light flashed into my life
Like a reward given to me a token
Conceived was I
Born was I into the world
A heart and lungs God gave me
I opened up my eyes
And I became a living breathing
Human work of art
I became poetry

(From the poetry collection by Author N.J. Johnson)

Coward's Weight

dead weight pulls at my neck,
choking words off of my charred tongue.
i am done
with living a coward’s life,
pulling imaginary strings,
and pretending that they hiss.

for so long, too long,
i have hid behind my mind’s eye,
converging within a sin
that lifted me up in a hellish fire.
life was simpler
when dreams were just dreams,
and sorrow was just a feeling.

Shield Of Faith

archers are lining up,
swiveling their words between
bared teeth,
and setting them ablaze.

archers are lining up,
anticipating the arrow
firing into my lungs,
watching my heart's descent.

but i carry a shield,
a weapon formed from
faith's sweat,
and they will hear my cry.

yes, i carry a shield,
and no darting arrow,
no schemed word,
can penetrate the love guarding my heart.

Anatomy Of The Insecure One

benign words formed in the pit
of your belly,
feasting on the lies
you’ve believed and enforced.
you were just a child then,
an immature being
begging for attention.
yet, even now,
after years of striving and lying,
you are still just a child
longing to be loved.


Silent nights laying waste to a parade of sorrow


Line the edges of my tattered heart,

Gripping the handlebars

And siding with the paperweight keeping me grounded.


They say dreams aren't meant for reality,


But I refuse to believe the frigid whisper beating

Out of the rough breath

Escaping from your lungs.


Your heart becomes cold and hard

When dreams don't flourish,

Blooming in the desert.

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Wise Stories

subtle books learned enough to taste

the patience in beautiful work.

nobody appears purely young,

always conscience of hell

startled in the drapes of a life

foolishly lived.


the best stories

are those with whom

wisdom is teetering

between each word.

The View

All the things you're

thinking about...

aren't even true

I wish you could see

You're beautiful


Thinking about all the pain

Won't make it go away

Open up your eyes

And look out in front of you.

I created the mountains

Won't you enjoy the view?

Do you see the snow covered tops

Highlighted by the sky-robins egg


The rough & treed terrain

Reaching to the heights

Look, today, not a cloud in the skies

Breathe in and out

-the open space-

The world outstretched before you...

(By Jennifer Almaguer)



Like a flower ready to wilt,

I bow down at your feet,

And like a soul ready to be filled,

I will not listen to the whispers of defeat.

Breathing In Liberation

it's been so long
since i've been gone,
and i'm afraid to come back.

too many times i've given up,
lost the fight to put air in my lungs,
and i'm afraid you'll see.

but i know you did.

you saw me destroy everything
with my evil goings and sayings,
and you still gave me a pulse.

even after i fled.

maybe it's time to face the truth
that you do more for me in a moment
than i do in a lifetime. 
and yet i'm still here.
i'm still breathing,
and your arms still steady me.

i'm breathing,
and it's your breath providing for me.

End of the Year

days drag on in eternity’s dust,
smiling hope and pain like
wildflowers learning how to shout.
i grab a fistful and shove them in my eyes.
stuff them up my nose.
take everything, embrace it, 
take it, take it, take it.
days are dragged behind life,
and i am dragged behind days,
and everything zooms by.
i have to hold on,
take everything in,
remember, live, breathe
in the scent of wildflowers
burning through the gaps
of the year’s ashes.
take it, take it, take it
before the wind
drags it all away.