Welcome, friend.

I'm so excited for you to be here!

I'm Keela Hope, a complete mess, writer of bad poetry, sarcasm-addict, and unashamedly a pun-enthusiast.

As a Follower of Christ, I have a passion for glorifying my King by building His kingdom, specifically in missions and ministry. My deepest desire is to love, serve, encourage, and equip others to chase after Christ with reckless abandon and immense joy. I am a missionary in Texas with plans to be a missionary all over the world. Wholeheartedly Messy is one of my mission fields, a ministry with the goal of helping young women all over the world know and serve Jesus Christ by declaring His Word with boldness wherever they are. 

When I'm not working on Wholeheartedly Messy, you can probably either find me laughing so hard that I snort, studying until my brain catches fire and I turn into an overworked prune, or binge-watching Netflix...or all of the above. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Star Wars will probably come up in every conversation that I may have with you, so be prepared for that. Oh, yeah, and if it's sunny outside, you can bet your favorite pair of high heels that I'm going to be outside fishing, hunting, riding a horse, or doing something slightly reckless (but completely safe-ish).

But none of that compares to the grace part of my story. You see, I've been around the block. I've fought my way through the depression thing, somehow survived the suicidal thing, laughed in the face of fear, and have had to spit in the eye of my insecurity and shame. (You can read more about my story here.)

That girl in the picture right there? She's not who she used to be. She's no longer living in fear or shame, fighting to just see the sunrise, or cowering behind lies that she's been force-fed.

No, she found something better. She found something that she can truly believe in, and it changed everything.

I believe in the Maker of the universe, in the Guy who placed the stars in the perfect place, who set in motion my life to orbit around His majesty. I believe that the King of kings knows my name and has it written on the palm of His hand. I believe in Hosanna who placed the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and a beautiful mind in the most complex beings of all - us. I believe that He has a place and a plan for each of us, words knitted in our spirits, songs orchestrated in our hearts, and a mission to let loose of our chains to chase after freedom. I believe in the Savior who so divinely loves us that He breathed His last breath so that we can breathe our own. I believe in the blood of a cross and the hope of a resurrection. I believe that the Bible is God's spoken Word, the breathed out life to fill our souls, to guide our minds, to comfort our hearts. I believe in grace. I believe in love. I believe in hope. I believe this.

I believe that you were created with a purpose, and that purpose is to give God glory and build His kingdom.

I believe that you were designed for freedom and adventure.

I believe you are CALLED and CHOSEN to be a part of His plan to change the world.

I believe you are sent by the King of kings on a holy mission.

So here's my question, friend: Do you believe it, too?

Will you go?