I think words have the power to change people's lives. I think they have the potential to rip apart our mindsets and be the foundation for something new to be built on. I think it is vital to our humanity that we share our souls, especially in the form of words. 

That's why I created this page. I created it so that you may have a way to share your message and your art.


Things You Need To Know

Wow, I am so blessed to have you here. You! The girl that the Creator of the universe is head-over-heels in love with. It's an honor to have you consider writing for Wholeheartedly Messy.

I absolutely love hearing about people's stories and how God is using them to further His kingdom. I love the way God uses our messes and makes them into a message to move others toward Him. I would love to hear your story and the wisdom that you've picked up along the ride, too. That's what this page is for. You can either submit your writing to be featured on Wholeheartedly Messy or you can just tell me your story (and only I will read it) by contacting me here. 

If you would like to submit your writing to be featured, please continue on. The guidelines that I have set are just that -- guidelines. They are not rules set in stone, but because of past circumstances, I have had to put them in place. If any of these guidelines deter you from sharing your story or give you a bad feeling, then ignore them. But please try to follow the guidelines as best as possible.

On this page, we are accepting testimonies (your story), poetry, and devotionals. If you would like to guest post for our Advice portion of the blog, you can contact me at contact@wholeheartedlymessy.com

What To Write About:

Wholeheartedly Messy is a place to serve, love, encourage, and equip women to have a better relationship with Christ. However you feel led to do that, we want to hear about it. Write about your relationship with Christ, your story, the mess that you're in the process of cleaning up, what you're learning, or just some encouragement. We want to know you, not the facade that you wear. Tell us about the mess, and allow God to turn it into a message through Wholeheartedly Messy.

Topic ideas include but are not limited to: tips and how-to's, bible study, growing in faith, battling insecurity, overcoming abuse, personal growth, recovery and healing, body image, relationships, family, friendships, ministry, missions, etc.

Writing Submission Guidelines:

  • In order for your writing to be featured, you must be a subscriber to Wholeheartedly Messy newsletters.
  • Before submitting, please be familiar with our mission, beliefs, and brand, and try to implement them into your writing.
  • You will not receive payment for guest posting, except in joy and mental hugs!
  • You can send your writing piece to contact@wholeheartedlymessy.com or use the form below.
  • At least half of the content should be original and not posted elsewhere, except for poetry.
  • If you quote someone, include their name next to the quote.
  • We reserve the right to change, edit, or modify your post to better fit our audience and brand (i.e. grammar, wording, layout).
  • We will NOT make major changes without consulting you first, such as the overall feel and message. We do not want to post anything that compromises you or your brand.
  • The minimum amount of words should be 500 for devotionals and testimonies, including Bible verses and quotes.
  • Please include at least one Bible verse if you submit a devotional.
  • Please include the Bible translation along with each Bible verse you use (i.e. ESV, KJV, NLT, etc.)
  • There needs to be a clear takeaway/action steps for the reader if you submit a devotional or testimony. Leave them with a thought-provoking question, lesson to be learned, or a tangible thing to do. (What's the purpose behind your words?)
  • If you're not writing anonymously, please submit a short bio of you or your company that is no longer than 100 words.
  • We will include a link back to you.
  • You are welcome to share the post on your social media and on your own website, as will we.
  • You may also share the links of 3 of your social media sites, and we will include them in your bio.
  • Please do not include affiliate links.
  • Your submission is considered a comment in my book. If you would like to see our rules and disclosures for comments, you can check it out here. (It's near the bottom of the page.)
  • Be mindful of what you post, as some publishers do not accept writings that have already been shared online.
  • I will email you back with possible things for you to modify in your writing so it can be featured and/or the date in which it will be posted to Wholeheartedly Messy.

Photo Submission Guidelines:

  • If you choose to submit photos to go with your article, you MUST email the article and the photos to contact@wholeheartedlymessy.com and not use the submission form below.
  • You may include a picture of yourself with your bio to represent you.
  • You may include other pictures to go with your blog post, and we will try to find a place for each one (No guarantees, though).
  • The pictures must be your own, used with permission from original owner, or free for commercial use, and we are given full permission to use them. We will not be held responsible for any copyright or ownership infringements made by contributors.
  • If the pictures are not your own, please provide photo sources and direct links to the photos. 

For any other questions or concerns, please contact me at contact@wholeheartedlymessy.com

Thanks bunches! We are blessed to have you, and we cannot wait to read your beautiful words!


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