Here's the thing. God has crafted you with a purpose and a plan for you to build His kingdom. He has strategically designed you to give Him glory. Not only that, but He has called and chosen you to be a bearer of Good News, to build His kingdom right where you are.

You can build the kingdom with your words here.

Will you tell us what He has done in your life, in your ministry, in your mission field? Will you equip us to serve Him, too?

Will you help other women build the kingdom?

things you need to know:

Wow, I am so blessed to have you here. You! The girl that the Creator of the universe is head-over-heels in love with. It's an honor to have you consider writing for Wholeheartedly Messy.

Wholeheartedly Messy is a place to serve, love, encourage, and equip women to build the kingdom. However you feel led to do that, we want to hear about it. Write about your relationship with Christ, something awesome that He did or is doing, something He is teaching you about building His kingdom, or advice for other women who are building the kingdom. 

Topic ideas include but are not limited to: tips and how-to's, bible study, obedience, growing in faith, praying, missions, ministry, loving others, leading others to Christ, wrestling with the ups and downs of the missionary life, advice for missionaries, advice for others in ministry, sharing Jesus right where you are, what God has done for you, what God is teaching you about the kingdom, how God has shown up in your ministry, a story about someone that you interacted with while on your mission field (even in your own home!), etc.

Writing Submission Guidelines:

  • You will not receive payment for guest posting, except in joy and mental hugs!

  • Email your writing piece to

  • At least half of the content should be original and not posted elsewhere (like another website). If you have questions about this, feel free to email me.

  • If you quote someone, include their name next to the quote.

  • We reserve the right to change, edit, or modify your post to better fit our audience and brand (i.e. grammar, wording, layout).

  • The minimum amount of words should be around 500.

  • Please include the Bible translation along with each Bible verse you use (ESV, KJV, NLT, etc.)

  • Please include a clear takeaway/action steps for the reader. Leave them with a thought-provoking question, lesson to be learned, or a tangible thing to do. (What's the purpose behind your words?)

  • Please submit a short bio of you and your ministry that is around 100 words or less. It doesn't have to be professional -- just be you!

  • You may share the link to your website and the links to your social media sites, and I will include them in your bio.

  • You may include a link for readers to click and donate to your ministry/mission trip. Please make sure that it is secure.

  • Please do not include affiliate links.

  • I will email you back with possible things for you to modify in your writing so it can be featured and/or the date in which it will be posted to Wholeheartedly Messy.

Photo Submission Guidelines:

  • We would LOVE to see pictures of you building the kingdom! Feel free to include pictures of your team, the people you interacted with, the environment you were in, etc. (Just make sure you have permission to post pictures of anyone other than yourself. We are not responsible for any mishaps.)

  • You may include a picture of yourself with your bio to represent you.

  • Send as many pictures as you would like. We will try to find a place for each photo you submit with your blog post, but there are no guarantees.

  • The pictures must be your own, used with permission from original owner, or free for commercial use, and we are given full permission to use them. We will not be held responsible for any copyright or ownership infringements made by contributors.

  • If the pictures are not your own, please provide photo sources and direct links to the photos.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact me at

Thanks bunches! We are blessed to have you, and we cannot wait to read your beautiful words!