featured missionaries in Peru: a story of God's faithfulness, what their lives look like, and how you can help

I (Keela) have known the Matlocks for years, and their passion for the kingdom really rubs off on you. This is their story about how God brought them together with hearts for ministry and service, how God moved in their hearts to give up everything and move to Peru as missionaries, and what they do now. Read about the children that they take care of, the hardships that they’ve faced, but also the overwhelming goodness of our Father. Be encouraged by their story, and build the kingdom with them.

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the reality of Christian persecution & what you can do to help (from home or abroad!)

Our family of believers is suffering. They’re being persecuted, mocked, beaten, imprisoned, and killed. Are we just going to let this happen? This is a few simple ways that you can help your persecuted family right where you are, without ever leaving your home. Don’t forget your persecuted family. Join me in supporting them, lifting them up in prayer, and fighting for them.

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